Media Services access requested: With PLAZAMEDIA all your data is safe in our hands

Order in the jungle of content: Quick, easy and efficient access to digital material is essential for using the myriad distribution channels to your best advantage. For example, to generate orders and increase revenues. From both new and old material.

Digital media services

With its media services, PLAZAMEDIA offers customised solutions for the archiving and distribution of videos and moving images. Be it a cinema film, a brand video or the highlights of a football match. Who gets internal access and who can use which functions is determined entirely by the client.

Distribution: many channels, one solution

Whether TV, video-on-demand, mobile apps, media libraries or websites, but also third-party suppliers like iTunes, Amazon, Kabel Deutschland or Telekom: Thanks to comprehensive indexing and categorising, we make sure the right data lands in the right channels. It’s clear and cost-efficient!

FAQ on Media Services

Who are PLAZAMEDIA’s media services aimed at?

At 24-hour TV broadcasters – including those offering archived content, at production companies of any size, and at business clients who produce brand-based video content and need support for their interaction with sponsors/agencies and their archiving and distribution.

How are the workflows defined?

We are happy to define and create workflows for our clients, for example around broadcasting operations, postproduction and transcoding. But equally we make our storage system available as a pure platform for clients to initiate their own workflows through media asset management (MAM) software.

What data is stored at PLAZAMEDIA?

Videos and moving images of all kinds and sizes – whether complete or as clips. We archive both our own data and data produced by clients. Our long-term archive houses, for example, all films of Constantin Film, as a central platform for distributing older material on new platforms.

How do I find my data – also for live broadcast?

MAM is an ideal search tool that displays whole sequences in the search result – depending on the indexing. These can then be integrated directly into the live edit via the defined workflow.

Who can access the data?

Parties involved in the workflow based on client wishes, for example editors or sponsors. Users can be given various accesses and use different functions of the system, depending on rights management and security levels.

How else does PLAZAMEDIA help?

What do you want to archive? What kind of indexing do you want and in how much detail? We advise at length on these and other questions. Also for content that’s available in different formats, at different locations and in different archives, we work out proposals for optimal archiving and distribution.


Facts & Figures

Storage and storage management
  • Secure data storage, 24/7 operation
  • Storage management via media asset management (MAM) software
Online storage
  • Instant availability of data
  • 120 TB storage capacity
Nearline storage (long-term archive)
  • Data storage on removable media; the requested data is automatically provided to the user, but with the time delay of the removal process.
  • 6 petabytes (4,600 TB) storage capacity

Behind the scenes

Award Production

TV as the stage: Mega show from a one-stop shop

Graphic Design

Graphic Concepts & Operations: We augment reality

Champions League

Pulling out all the stops: Champions League production


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