Graphic Concepts & Operations: We augment reality

At PLAZAMEDIA, graphics means more than just pretty pictures. They have much more impact than that. With state-of-the-art techniques, graphics open up new perspectives, forge connections and interact with the action. Live, inside and outside, in 2D and 3D. Our speciality is the red-hot topic of augmented reality.

Interaction between two worlds

With the help of VIZrt – a program for real-time graphics and 3D visualisation – we develop live-image-based representations that open up endless possibilities for analysis and interaction – also for and especially during live sports broadcasting, such as the big tournaments of the football Bundesliga and the Champions League.

On-air design for everyone and everything

Our Graphic Concepts & Operations department creates and implements complex on-air designs in all segments, including news. Our service is aimed equally at media companies that need support around the virtual studio, at brands that rely on the power of branded entertainment, and at rights owners who want to present their content in contemporary, custom-tailored style.

FAQs on augmented reality

Augmented reality: What can PLAZAMEDIA do for me?

Always something new! Because PLAZAMEDIA is one of the innovation leaders in the field of augmented reality, i.e. supplementing (moving) images with computer-generated information. The idea is to transport the viewer straight into the action and close the gap to interactivity, also in TV. Be it with inserts and overlays or complex 3D simulations, such as are possible with our ReDesk. Our team will develop a bespoke solution for any request, for studio as well as outdoor situations, constantly enhancing their own expertise in the process.

How do graphics control and data interfacing work?

Here too, we focus on customer-specific solutions that we offer as complete systems with VIZrt – the main thing being that they are fast, intuitive and easy to use. If several matches are to be broadcast at the same time (up to nine in parallel), we set up a dedicated conference channel, which controls all the graphics and activates all devices involved (hardware and software) at the same time. A graphics operator is in contact with the editors at the venues, follows their comments and enhances these with additional material.

What software do you use – and what does it do?

For the visualisations on which the augmented reality sequences are based we use VIZrt, the leading provider of real-time graphics programs and 3D visualisations. For example, we use a live-image-based tracking technology for different camera angles. We can also evaluate the performances of individual players on the field and use visualisations to demonstrate them in the match analysis.

Can database material be incorporated into a live broadcast?

Of course! For instance, for football PLAZAMEDIA has a live database with so-called scouting data that contains all relevant information on players, results, incidents, statistics etc. This database can be accessed in parallel with the live broadcast. So, as soon as someone scores a goal, for example, we can overlay their main career stats. Background info for any situation – that’s real added value for the viewers!

Behind the scenes

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