Pulling out all the stops: Champions League production

UEFA Champions League: that means sports production on a grand scale. As a technical service provider, we have for many years performed the host broadcasting for various channels in Germany and provided the production technology for their unilateral productions throughout Europe. To make sure we perfectly capture all the big emotions for TV viewers at just the right moment and make every game a unique experience, we have up to 100 crew working behind the scenes every matchday.


One-stop Champions League production

For the German rights owners, PLAZAMEDIA performs a variety of different technical production services, from the play-offs to the group and knockout stages all the way through to the final. We guarantee a top-quality broadcast without a hitch over our partner network.



Multilateral and unilateral with over 25 cameras

The signal provided by the world feed is currently used by 117 Champions League rights owners around the world for their country-specific coverage and TV formats. The unilateral feed for all games for the German rights owners is likewise produced by PLAZAMEDIA and provided for distribution.


Facts & figures of the Champions League production

What production and broadcast technology is used for the Champions League?

For the unilateral and multilateral feeds we use up to 25 cameras:

  • Up to 20 cameras for the world feed and up to 5 for the unilateral feed
  • Plus specialist cameras to capture special angles, such as chip cameras and high-speed cameras

In parallel we have two production control rooms active simultaneously at PLAZAMEDIA:

  • For the unilateral production
  • For the world feed of all other matches taking place in parallel

We also use:

  • Nine parallel near-live edit suites for the match round-ups
  • Live graphics systems during the broadcast to bridge the gap between live action and interactive analysis
  • On average around 5 km of cabling at the venue

What else does PLAZAMEDIA do?

We also support our customers in the rest of Europe on the unilateral production of selected matches. However they want to produce the Champions League, PLAZAMEDIA is there for them.

In Germany we also support foreign broadcasters by request on their production projects, or provide the technology for commentary boxes and live interviews.

Behind the scenes

Media Services

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