TV as the stage: Mega show from a one-stop shop

Broadcasting a stage spectacular with celebrity guests in a TV format that feels just like the event itself: This is a challenge PLAZAMEDIA has faced every year since 2010 on behalf of a big media client. With a team of most recently 115, we transport the electrifying atmosphere of the two-hour award ceremony from a Berlin theatre into the living rooms of the TV audience – packed into a highly entertaining 90-minute show plus a live stream direct from the red carpet.

Complex solutions for complex tasks

PLAZAMEDIA is responsible for the entire TV handling of the event and keeps all the logistical threads together. The challenges at the technical, artistic and content levels go well beyond conventional production agendas. We provide content input for the event, develop the dramatic concept as well as stage, lighting and on-air design, look after the stage kinetics, LED technology, PA system, video clips, and of course the people behind it all. Basically, the client enjoys their event and we take care of everything else.

High-speed highlights

Immediately after the event, we produce highlight packages for media partners such as TV channels and Internet platforms and make them available through the quickest means – satellite, Internet and fibre-optic lines – thus ensuring maximum attention on all channels.


Facts & Figures

Technology key facts
  • Production format HD 1080i/25
  • 8 cameras, incl. crane and wireless Steadicam
  • Avid edit suite in OB van for postproduction
  • 33 m3 LED wall, mobile, via Stage Kinetik
Overview of output
  • 90 minutes air time
  • 45-minute live stream of red carpet web show
  • Encoding and streaming
  • 25-minute electronic press kit via HD satellite, BNS and Internet
Production concept
  • Advising on concept for stage design, process, dramatic composition, music
  • Advising on contract matters
  • Negotiating with external service providers
  • External budget controlling, managing all technical crews
  • Local production management

Behind the scenes

Media Services

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Graphic Design

Graphic Concepts & Operations: We augment reality

Champions League

Pulling out all the stops: Champions League production


A bird’s eye view

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