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The core components of our portfolio are the classic services of a production company or broadcaster. Our comprehensive technical capacities combined with our proven expertise can satisfy any broadcasting demands: whether for live or non-live broadcasts, whether in HD for TV or mobile devices, or the processing of all kinds of signals and distribution to all possible platforms. You have the rights to the content, we take care of the rest! From production to refinement, all the way through to playout to the desired channels, you can rely on PLAZAMEDIA to handle all your broadcasting needs.

Services in detail

Outsourced Broadcast Operations

As the expert in broadcast operations, PLAZAMEDIA can take over the broadcasting for entire channels, for instance special-interest channels and all-round TV channels. This includes the packaging, all the broadcast operations and the playout – 24 hours a day. This split resource management not only saves our clients investment costs but also allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Graphic Operations

Professional graphic design can visually enhance any broadcast format and, beyond that, fill the gap of a “lack of interaction” in TV. As a TV viewer, feeling you are close to the action – say, standing at the starting line, following the football around the pitch or peering into a Formula 1 car engine – ultimately stirs the emotions. We design and implement on-air designs and help you use virtual or augmented reality applications optimally in your productions, whether in sports coverage, news or moving images for your company and brands.

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If you produce in your own editorial department but need extra capacities for your postproduction, e.g. technical assistance, personnel or space, PLAZAMEDIA is happy to oblige – in the form of virtual playgrounds and a team for editing and sound recording.

Playout Centre (live, 24/7)

PLAZAMEDIA takes over the playout of specialist and all-round channels via live TV and web channels for TV broadcasters who either don’t have their own resources for broadcast operations or want to outsource this area. And of course our Playout Centre can also act as a backup for your own.

Head-end services

PLAZAMEDIA offers all necessary services for the provision of head-end services for IPTV offerings and mobile TV, i.e. signal delivery, professional processing and transfer to the IPTV servers of our clients. We either take over the complete process chain or we just coordinate your disaster recovery externally as necessary.

Content distribution / Multiplatform streaming

Delivering your content to all platforms in all formats – that’s our strength. That means we supply TV and online media, apps, video-on-demand providers and many more with your content, thus making it accessible to anyone who might be interested. Quality assurance and content management are included. We open up new sales opportunities for our clients and take over even the most complex distribution management – flexibly, securely, live and non-live.

Studio productions

At the PLAZAMEDIA offices in Ismaning, near Munich/Germany, we have 8 state-of-the-art studios totalling 3.500qm. Accompanying sporting events with a studio broadcast, with or without a studio audience, upvalues the event itself and extends its media lifetime. Furthermore, the coverage can be extended between matchdays in exciting and interesting ways with the production of additional studio broadcasts. Depending on the broadcast format, we develop and produce accompanying formats for sportscasts, for example in a virtual studio, green box or classic studio environment. With their integration into our highly professional production environment, our studios are equipped for virtually any demands

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