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Companies are tending more and more towards cross-media and networked profiling of their brands and are increasingly getting involved in sponsoring personalities and emotive subjects. PLAZAMEDIA handles the orchestration of such media concepts in terms of content, design and technology, in-house through its creative agency LEITMOTIF Creators. In an advisory capacity and in our role as implementer, we act as the interface between our clients with their individual needs and the experts from the fields of sport, technology and entertainment. Our corporate and content marketing portfolio includes the development of creative concepts, content and formats for emotionalising and showcasing your content, media and brands by means of moving images across all channels.

The technical and content demands of multimedia implementation of corporate messages are as individual as the brand itself. Depending on the framework conditions and the desired goals, we develop individual solutions for the optimal presentation of your messages.

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Content marketing and moving-image strategies

Content marketing and the integration of social media and earned media into the marketing activities of companies are becoming more and more important. Are you looking to develop a concrete moving-image strategy or perhaps integrate more moving images into your existing communications and marketing strategy? PLAZAMEDIA and LEITMOTIF Creators will be happy to help you. We design and implement content marketing strategies that use exciting and emotive moving images to attract viewers and users as customers – and keep them.

PLAZAMEDIA Media Platform

The intensive use of media content for marketing activities calls not least for efficient enterprise-wide access to that content and the ability to play it out, regardless of the target audience. The PLAZAMEDIA Media Platform gives you precisely these two options: on the one hand central storage for any media content, and on the other, distribution of the content to all relevant platforms in all conceivable formats. Our central archive is not just an IT project but the result of many years of experience in handling metadata, thesauruses and large quantities of data as well as our technical expertise in distributing this information efficiently.

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