Drones: A bird’s eye view

It’s the future of TV: We send our cameras up into the air via drones – and open up new possibilities in the world of live productions.

One-stop services

PLAZAMEDIA currently provides services for two types of drones. The larger of the two systems – weight class over 5 kg – is suitable for all types of broadcasting. The specialised operation at the hands of a drone pilot and a cameraman allows combinations of spectacular flight manoeuvres with synchronous camera movements. The smaller, ultra-light drone, on the other hand, weighing in at up to 5 kg, can be operated by one person as both pilot and cameraman.

PLAZAMEDIA clients benefit from:

  • Impressive pictures from an aerial perspective
  • Live video broadcasting up to 1080p (weight class over 5 kg)
  • Content refinement by PLAZAMEDIA
  • Legal security (incl. obtaining ascent permit)
  • Technical safety (coming home and auto-landing in case of dropout)

Facts & Figures

Camera drones
  • Automatic waypoint control via GPS navigation
  • Real-time telemetry data transfer
  • Video recording up to 4K
Weight class over 5 kg
  • Flying time up to 15 minutes
  • Vibration-free 360° 3-axis gimbal, freely controllable via remote
Weight class up to 5 kg
  • Flying time up to 20 minutes
  • Professional 3-axis gimbal with maximum performance capability

Behind the scenes

Media Services

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